What Are Some Types of Car Emblems?


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Some types of car logos feature the brand's first letter or initials in a stylized format, such as with Volkswagen or Toyota, while others feature meaningful symbols such as the leaping jaguar with the Jaguar company. Others may feature the full name of the brand as the main part of the logo, such as with Ford or Jeep. Still others may have esoteric symbols with a complex history and no name, such as the Cadillac or Benz logo.

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Most brands have a logo that features both the brand's full name and a logo of some kind. Porsche features a shield split into four quarters with a smaller shield in the middle. At the top of the shield is the Porsche name. Similarly, the Lamborghini logo features a shield with a charging bull in the middle and then the brand name at the top.

Two brands with very similar logos are Honda and Hyundai. Both feature a capital H as the feature piece. However, Honda's H is straight up and down with less space between the bottom of the H-bar and the top. The Hyundai H slants slightly, and the middle bar is spaced diagonally. The effect makes it appear more like an N than an H.

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