What Are Some Types of Automobile Auctions?


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DiffWholesale dealer auctions, police auto auctions and salvage auctions are common vehicle auctions, according to Auctioncar.net. While some auctions are open to the public, some are only available for licensed car dealers.

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Wholesale auto auctions are typically only available to licensed car dealers, though occasionally they are open to the public. Cars sold at these auctions typically include vehicles that have been used as a trade-in, repossessed, or used cars over four years old.

Police auto auctions are also referred to as government auctions. These auctions consist of vehicles that have been confiscated in the course of government investigations and legal forfeitures as well as vehicles that are considered abandoned, according to Wisegeek.com. These auctions are generally open to the public.

Salvage auctions, also referred to as insurance auctions, consist of vehicles that have been involved in accidents and are being sold by insurance companies. These auctions are typically open only to licensed dealers.

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