What Types of Auto Parts Are Available at Pull-A-Part Stores?

Pull-a-Part is not a store, but a national chain of junkyards that sells parts on the vehicles that a given location has and which are removed by the customer themselves. This includes engine parts, interior parts and tires, along with everything else found on a vehicle that can be salvaged.

Prices for parts are set by the type of part and not the make and model. The six-cylinder engine on an older model truck is the same as a six-cylinder engine for a newer sports car. Inventory at the locations can differ, since each individual Pull-A-Part location buys cars in addition to the inventory provided to them. Customers can use the website to search and see if a specific location has the part or car that they need. They can also look for parts that will work with their vehicle even if it's not the exact same make, model or year.

The website also gives customers access to see the prices on the items they are interested in buying. This includes wiring, lights, carpet, car jacks, ball joints, antennas, brakes, dashes, seats and any other item that might be found on a vehicle. If a location does not have the part or car that a customer is seeking, he can request the vehicle or, if he is willing, can travel to another location that has the part he needs.