What Are Some Types of Auto Body Tools?


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Four common auto body tools are hammers, dollies, spoons and caulking irons. These tools are handheld and meant to be used to reshape or straighten sheet metal.

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Hammers are used for many different purposes in auto body work. The most common hammer, especially for beginners, has a large, flat face that spreads the force of the hammer over a wider surface area of metal, preventing sharp edges.

Dolly blocks come in a variety of sizes, and they are used alongside hammers to remove dents from, shape, shrink, or finish damaged sheet metal. The dolly is placed on or under the sheet metal and struck with the hammer. A spoon, a bar of steel that is thinner on one or both ends, is another tool that is commonly used in conjunction with a hammer. It is used to more evenly spread the force of a hammer over a surface area, as well as to pry metal apart.

Caulking irons are used to finish jagged metal edges, as well as shape or straighten metal in inside moldings. They are made out of steel. Some are shorter so as to avoid puncturing the metal, whereas others are longer so as to reach areas that are hard to access.

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