What Types of Aftermarket Parts Are Available for Fifth Wheel Campers?

Fifth wheel covers, adjustment brackets, sliding fifth wheels, hitch anchors and sound dampeners, which fit between the fifth wheel and the mounting rails to eliminate rattles when driving, are among the types of aftermarket parts available for fifth wheel campers. Fifth wheel covers range from designer styles to highly durable options designed to protect against heavy winds, rain and snow. Also available, based on fifth wheel weight and other specifications, are hitch legs, replacement bases and replacement base legs.

Fifth wheel sliders are designed to reduce or eliminate clearance problems during slow-speed turns. Sliders usually provide from 10 to 12 inches of travel front to back. Starter kits, also available among aftermarket parts for fifth wheels, typically include accessories for towing, such as a lube plate to help the trailer's king pin slide smoothly into the hitch, a trailer hitch cover and king pin lock wraps. King pin lock wraps make it impossible for a trailer to be hooked to another's hitch. Electric landing gear, also available aftermarket, lifts and levels a fifth wheel at the push of switch via 12-volt motors and allows for independent leveling of foot pads.

Other fifth wheel accessories include portable satellite antennas, 4G cellular signal boosters, satellite finders, and wireless weather stations. Specially designed furnishings, mattresses, televisions and wireless speakers are among the endless comfort and recreational accessories available for fifth wheels.