What Type of Warranty Does Shirey Cadillac Provide on Used Cars?


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Shirey Cadillac offers five different types of warranties for used cars including Powertrain coverage, Silver coverage, Gold coverage, Gold Plus coverage, and Platinum coverage according to the Shirey Cadillac website. Depending upon the plan chosen, car owners can be covered for up to 100,000 miles.

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All five plans come with standard benefits that include rental car coverage, towing coverage, travel coverage, fluids coverage, improved resale and optional tire coverage as seen on the Shirey Cadillac website. The Powertrain coverage offers basic protection on the major components of the car while Platinum offers all of the benefits of the Powertrain coverage, Silver coverage, Gold coverage and Gold Plus coverage plus coverage on basic car parts such as disc brake pads and paint. Shirey Cadillac is located in Oak Lawn, Illinois and sells Cadillacs exclusively.

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