How Do You Know What Type of Transmission Fluid to Buy?


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As the right transmission fluid for a car depends on its make and model, refer to the owner's manual that came with your car from the manufacturer to determine the right type to buy. Alternatively, query this information using sites such as OReillyAuto.com and AutoZone.com, as of August 2015.

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How Do You Know What Type of Transmission Fluid to Buy?
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To check the right transmission fluid on OReillyAuto.com, visit the home page, navigate to the Fluids & Chemicals section, and click on Transmission. Depending on whether your vehicle is manual or automatic, click on either Manual Transmission Fluid - Vehicle Specific or Automatic Transmission Fluid - Vehicle Specific. Select your car's year of manufacture, its make and its model. A page displaying a list of suitable transmission fluids for your vehicle appears.

Follow a similar procedure to arrive at the Transmission Fluids page at AutoZone.com. If you have not been on AutoZone before, you have to add your vehicle so that you can view the right products for it. Go to My Vehicles at the top of the page, and click Add a Vehicle. Select the year of manufacture, make, model and engine type of your car, and click Add Vehicle. After navigating to the Transmission Fluid page again, the page highlights the right transmission fluids for your vehicle. Some of the listed transmission fluids may be not be vehicle-specific.

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