What Type of Motor Homes Are Available From Fleetwood?

What Type of Motor Homes Are Available From Fleetwood?

Fleetwood is an industry-leading motor home manufacturer, and it offers Class A diesel, Class A gas, crossover and Class C gas motor homes. Prospective buyers have the option to build and price a motor home, which includes choosing interior and exterior colors.

There are differences between Class A, Class C and crossover motor home types. Class A motor homes are the largest and most luxurious of the three types. They are built on massive frames similar to the chassis of a commercial bus or truck, explains Newmar. Class A motor homes are generally more expensive, but owning one offers a similar lifestyle of owing a home.

Class C motor homes are smaller and generally less expensive than Class A motor homes. They are built on smaller frames, such as those of vans or regular trucks. Class C motor homes are also sometimes called "cab-overs," because they have overhangs with beds that hang over their cabs. Crossover motor homes offer the advantages of both Class A and Class C motor homes by maintaining the size and fuel efficiency of Class C motor homes, but offering the amenities of Class A motor homes, explains Fleetwood.

Fleetwood offers several motor homes that fall within each of these classifications. As of 2015, some Class A diesel motor homes that the manufacturer offers include the Providence, Discovery, Expedition and Excursion. Some Class A gas motor homes Fleetwood offers include the Southwind and Bounder. Class C gas motor homes offered by Fleetwood are the Jamboree Sport and Searcher, and the Tioga Ranger and Mantara. Crossover motor homes carried by Fleetwood are the Terra, Terra SE, Storm and Flair.

Each motor home manufactured by Fleetwood has unique advantages. For instance, the crossover motor home called Storm has a Hide-A-Loft bed system.