What Type of Guides Does Motor Interchange Offer?


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Depending on the guide, motor interchanges outline parts that can be swapped out for other parts on engines in engineering, manufacturing and automobiles. Parts the guides include range from whole motors to bearings, seals, drive belts and almost any manufactured part on a motor.

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Various companies offer motor interchange guides for purchase online. For instance, Interchange Incorporated sells the International Interchange Guide, which is a printed edition for bearings, mounted units and drive belts, among others. The company also sells its guides on CD-ROM, and they are available to view and download from the website. Consult the website for information about availability and pricing.

DIY Ford is a website that produces information on Ford motor interchanges. It outlines various engines and describes their similarities and differences, which helps people understand the possibilities when swapping motors. The company also produces a book which is more comprehensive and describes specific parts on various Ford models.

Chevrolet owners also have options when it comes to motor interchange. Car Tech sells a book on its website that provides information regarding how to create a unique Chevy engine using interchangeable parts like power outputs, strokes and bores. The book retails for around $27, as of November 2015, and gets its information from a mechanic with more than 30 years' experience with Chevy engines.

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