What Type of Flights Use the Birchwood Airport?


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Birchwood Airport, a two-runway, state-owned airport located in the Anchorage municipality of Alaska, is used by light jets, turboprops, multi-engine pistons, small charter airline flights and even sailplane operations. Small and medium range helicopter charter flights often utilize Birchwood's runways, and fixed wing and helicopter medical flights frequently fly out of the airport as well. Cargo planes such as the Super DC-3 or the Beech Commuter sometimes fly out of Birchwood or nearby Merrill Field airport.

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Birchwood Airport is extremely small and is rarely used for nonlocal flights. The Federal Aviation Administration notes that the airport's ski strip is not maintained in the winter months, so planes without tundra tires or ultralight technology are discouraged from using Birchwood during this time. There is also no air traffic control tower at the airport, so pilots cannot rely on navigational assistance from ground operators.

The overwhelming majority of planes based at Birchwood are single engine vehicles. The airport's aircraft operations are generally split between transient general aviation and local general aviation, although Birchwood does support a small number of military flights each year. The airport's small size is reflected in the amenities that it offers pilots. Birchwood has limited hangars and tiedown services, and it can only supply 100LL of fuel to landing planes.

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