What Are Tubeless Tire Beads?


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Tubeless tire beads function without an inner tube, which is commonly used in bicycle tires. With tubeless tires, the rim and the bead create an airtight seal so that no tube is necessary. Special tires and beads are necessary, and as of 2015, such tires are only available in mountain bikes.

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The Mavic Universal system Tubeless was first introduced for bikes in 1999 and has become the market standard for such systems, One of the advantages of this system is that when there is a puncture, there is not a sudden loss of pressure. Often if the intruding object remains lodged in the tire it creates its own seal, and if the object is dislodged, the air is released very slowly. This type of tire provides better road resistance and less likelihood of a valve tearing off because the tire does not slip on the rim at all.

Fitting this tire, however, requires much more effort than fitting a traditional tube tire, so the fitting directions must be followed exactly. Important among these directions is that tire and the rim must be spotlessly clean, particularly in the contact area, to create an airtight seal. Repairs of punctures can be done from the inside with a traditional repair patch.

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