What Are Some Tube Chassis Designs?


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Some tube chassis designs include spaceframe, ladder-frame and sub-frame chassis. The spaceframe chassis utilizes several structural metal tubing pieces that are cut, shaped and joined together to produce a strong framework. The ladder-frame construction normally uses rectangular or round tubing, but it can also use curved or straight members connected by two or multiple cross-members. The sub-frame chassis is a design that cooperates the main design with components such as drivetrain, engine or rear suspension.

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Normally, spaceframes use squares or round tubing; however, it is preferable to use square over round tubes. The spaceframe construction is common for building high-performance vehicles, such as kit cars and racing vehicles. The spaceframe chassis uses triangulation of the tubes to create a rigid structural design, and this chassis incorporates complex construction.

The ladder-frame chassis has a substantial load-carrying capacity, and for this reason, most trucks and commercial vehicles use it as of 2016. Once the construction of the chassis is complete, it is still possible to narrow, shorten or lengthen the design without complexity. The ladder-frame design can also accommodate a wide range of body designs.

The sub-frame design mostly incorporates the monocoque design. The sub-frame design allows the assembly of components before assembly of the entire vehicle, and one assembly of this chassis can utilize multiple designs of body shells.

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