How Do You Find Truck Repair Manuals?


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Find truck repair manuals for sale through sites such as TheMotorBookstore.com and Amazon.com, as of 2015. Alternatively, find free manuals for select makes and models through sites such as iFixIt.com or JustGiveMeTheDamnManual.com. Variety and quantity for all types may vary among sites and over time.

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TheMotorBookstore.com sells a wide range of repair and maintenance manuals for different varieties of trucks, ranging from pickup trucks to light trucks and sports utility vehicles. Manuals appear under category headings for the manufacturer, with some entries for older model shop trucks or factory trucks predating the 1970s appearing under their own sections.

Amazon.com carries many different types of truck repair manuals from different publishers, with some available as used copies through third-party retailers. Users are able to read reviews from other customers on the product page for each manual in addition to previewing the contents of select books.

The site iFixIt.com contains repair manuals and instructions for conducting numerous types of repairs on vehicles, though it does not distinguish between cars and trucks within its vehicle manual section. Users can choose a make from a list of manufacturer icons and then see pictures of different years and models to locate the specific type of truck in question.

JustGiveTheDamnManual.com features free downloadable PDFs of car and truck repair manuals, which are also available by choosing the manufacturer from a list of icons.

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