How Do You Get a Truck Permit in Illinois?

How Do You Get a Truck Permit in Illinois?

Apply for an Illinois Truck Permit online or in person through the Illinois Department of Transportation. Illinois truck permits are required when operating a vehicle or load that exceeds the state limit on a public road.

Applications for Illinois truck permits are filed online through the Illinois Transportation Automated Permit System. This automated system allows customers to immediately procure an Illinois truck permit.

Before applying for an Illinois truck permit, gather information pertaining to the truck's dimensions and the associated load weight, description and origin. If the load exceeds state weight limits, provide the state with the vehicle's license plate, gross weight, individual axle weights and axle spacing in feet and inches between each set of axles.

After determining the type of truck permit you need, either apply online or at the local Illinois Permit office at 2300 South Dirksen Parkway in Springfield, Illinois. To apply for an Illinois truck permit online, access the state's automated system by visiting the Illinois Transportation Automated Permits' portal website. When on the site, click Create a New Logon if you are new to the site or Login if you have already registered.

After registering with the site, enter all associated information pertaining to your personal information, driving history and the vehicle's load weight and dimensions. The online portal also provides links to all relevant information, including state laws, provisions and general permit information.