What Are Some Troubleshooting Tips for Washer Transmission Repair?


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One tip for repairing a washer transmission is to label all hoses before disconnecting them to eliminate any guesswork when reattaching them to the appliance. Another tip is to prepare for any water that may leak from the drain opening when tilting or adjusting the machine. The process of repairing a washer transmission involves removing the cabinet to access the transmission, clutch and drive coupler. For safety purposes, always disconnect the power before beginning any repairs.

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The transmission repair process may differ depending on the make and model of the washer and the nature of the mechanical problem. Always consult the owner's manual to find specific information regarding the washer prior to beginning the process. After disconnecting all power and water lines from the washer, remove the agitator in order to access, repair or remove the transmission. Begin by prying off the agitator cap and removing the entire cam assembly.

Another repair tip is to place a towel on the floor before tipping the washer on its side in order to remove the cabinet. Remove the water pump and motor if they block access to the transmission. To facilitate inspection or repair, disconnect all wires attached to the transmission before removing it. Some problems are addressable without the need to remove or disassemble the transmission.

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