How Do You Troubleshoot a RV Refrigerator?

How Do You Troubleshoot a RV Refrigerator?

To troubleshoot a RV refrigerator, smell the cooling unit to determine if there is an odor of ammonia. Also check if the power source is working. Seal the ammonia leak and vacuum the propane burner to correct the flame.

Check if the electric heating element, the electronic ignition or the fault control board is working. A technician can help resolve voltage irregularities.

Another problem could be that the ammonia is not flowing due to blockage. Blocking in the cooling unit arises from infrequent use of the refrigerator. The ammonia liquid therefore generates deposits that block the tubes in the cooling unit. In this case, dislodge the refrigerator from the RV and invert it. If unable to determine the fault, check the equipment manuals and also call a technician to diagnose the equipment.

The cooling unit is a coil of metal at the back of the refrigerator. It is replaceable but takes a full day to fix. Professionals typically charge per hour to work on the issues, so replacing the cooling unit can be costly.

An RV refrigerator differs from a home refrigerator. There are two types of RV refrigerators: Domestic and Norcold RV refrigerators. A gas fire or electrical heat powers the cooling element. The ammonia in the cooling unit absorbs heat to cause the cooling effect.