How Do You Troubleshoot RV Light Switches?


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The process of troubleshooting an RV light switch involves ensuring the light switch is in the on position, ensuring the battery system is on and checking its charge as well as verifying that other outlets and devices are operating properly. Other steps may include using a voltage meter to test fixtures, fuses and wiring. For safety purposes, always turn off power to the system before replacing broken fixtures or replacing wires that carry electrical current.

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Initial troubleshooting steps include turning the light switch off and then back on again as well as ensuring the bulb is properly installed and inspecting the filament. Determine whether the coach battery is properly charged by testing other lights and appliances or using a multimeter to measure battery charge. Recharge the battery if it has fallen below 12 volts. Use a multimeter or 12-volt test light to identify any blown fuses and then the use the test-light on the fixture switch before inspecting the wiring and any in-line fuses.

When troubleshooting lack of power at the switch, follow the wiring to the nut connector and ensure it has not become loose. After tightening the nut connector, restore power to the switch and test it again. Contact a professional if the problem persists.

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