How Do You Troubleshoot Problems With a Honda Civic?

How Do You Troubleshoot Problems With a Honda Civic?

In order to troubleshoot problems with a Honda Civic, use a scan tool in conjunction with a service repair manual. The scan tool will be used to check the electronic control unit readings for any abnormality, which are showcased as special codes. The service repair manual will offer complete instructions on how to approach and troubleshoot each code the scanner pulls up.

Use these instructions in order to troubleshoot a Honda Civic successfully.

  1. Use the scan tool
  2. The scan tool can be used with models built after 1996. It connects to a special diagnostic port located under the dashboard. Once connected, turn the car on and press the scan button.

  3. Observe the results
  4. Pay attention to the scan results and see what codes are showing. Depending on the type of scan tool, it will either showcase the codes along with the exact failing component or just the codes by themselves.

  5. Read the service repair manual
  6. The factory service repair manual has chapters covering all parts of an automobile. Use it to find out what all the codes mean on the scanner. When the code definition is found, use the instructions from the service repair manual to troubleshoot and solve the problem.