How Do You Troubleshoot a Power Window Switch?

Troubleshooting a power window switch depends on the problem with the window switch and involves replacing a faulty fuse, replacing faulty wires and replacing a worn-out regulator, which is a device that moves the window up and down. Replacing a faulty lock switch is also another way of troubleshooting the switch.

To replace the fuse, start by turning the car's ignition to "On" mode, using the ignition key to facilitate the window operation. Check the windows to ensure that they don't work. Once you ascertain that the windows don't work as normal, examine the condition of the fuse in the fuse box, remove it, and install a new fuse in its place as needed before testing the windows.

Replacing faulty wires may be necessary if the power fails to reach the switch. To do this, first use a test light to examine the main circuit relay for voltage. In case voltage is present, check the wire that connects the relay to the switch for a short, remove it, and place in a new wire as needed. If the relay does not contain voltage, replace a faulty main wire that transmits voltage to the relay. If the power fails to reach the switch after replacing the wires, check the wire connecting the fuse to the relay for a short, and replace it as needed.

To replace a worn-out regulator, unscrew and detach the door panel from the car to access the regulator, remove the old regulator, and install a new one in its place. Replace the door panel to complete the process.