How Do You Troubleshoot a Pontiac Transmission?


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To troubleshoot a Pontiac transmission, check for leaks and check for clogs. If there are no leaks or clogs, it is best to run a transmission diagnostic test, which is available from many auto parts stores.

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One thing to do to troubleshoot a Pontiac transmission is to check it for leaks. If there is too much, or too little, transmission fluid, it may cause issues with the transmission. Leaks may occur in the filler tubes, pan gaskets and transmission housing case. Leaking may show that there is too much fluid or that there are damage or cracks in the transmission.

A Pontiac vehicle also requires a transmission flush occasionally, but if the flush does not occur after 50,000 to 60,000 miles, foreign bodies may gather in the fluid and cause clogs or blocks in the filter. These clogs may cause damage to the transmission, but flushing the unit may help to remove these clogs. It is possible to do this job at home, but basic car maintenance knowledge is necessary.

Troubleshooting a transmission problem should begin by running a diagnostic test on the engine and transmission. This test looks for bad sensors. If a sensor has damage or is malfunctioning, the vehicle may show symptoms of a serious problem such as jerking or slippage.

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