How Do You Troubleshoot a Pontiac Car?


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To troubleshoot a Pontiac car, identify the specific problem, such as faulty power steering, a clunking noise when turning or brake light failure. These are common problems with Pontiacs. Other common problems include car stalling, door lock failure and transmission slipping.

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A leak in the power steering rack, a low level of power steering fluid or a loose belt can result from a faulty power steering pump. Replacing the power steering belt and consulting a mechanic to repair the leak can help eliminate this problem. A worn-out shock absorber can produce a clunking noise when turning, so replace the shock absorber if necessary.

A loose light bulb, blown fuse or poor connection between the brakes can cause the brake lights to fail. To rectify this, screw in the light bulb properly, replace the fuse, and contact a mechanic to repair the brake connection. A faulty crankshaft and camshaft position sensors or defect in the electrical system can cause the car to stall while driving. Consult a professional to repair the sensor.

A defective door lock switch, faulty lock motor or frozen door button can cause the door to stop locking and unlocking properly. Replace the lock switch and door button to eliminate this problem. A low automatic transmission fluid and worn-out transmission band can result in the failure of transmission to work properly. Filling the transmission with enough fluid and replacing the transmission band resolves this problem.

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