How Do You Troubleshoot a Nissan Pick-up Transmission?

How Do You Troubleshoot a Nissan Pick-up Transmission?

In order to troubleshoot a Nissan pick-up truck transmission, its electrical system must be connected to a diagnostic machine, its fluid levels checked and a road test should be performed to pinpoint its problem. The diagnostic machine allows a computer to find any irregularities within the sensors located on the transmission.

A service manual is required before attempting to diagnose a transmission problem on a Nissan truck. When a problem is found on the transmission that is due to an electrical or mechanical malfunction, the service manual explains the proper troubleshooting procedure that relates to it. The following instructions explain how to troubleshoot a transmission; however, once the problem is found, a service manual is required for the repair procedure.

  1. Check the fluid on the transmission
  2. Low or dirty transmission fluid will cause issues in shifting. If the fluid is too low, check for leaks on or around the housing.

  3. Preform a road test
  4. Drive the vehicle on the road and pay attention to how it shifts. Look for any irregularities, including check engine lights, vibrations or late shifting. Also pay attention to how the transmission sounds when it shifts.

  5. Plug in a diagnostic machine
  6. Plug the code reader into the truck's diagnostics port. Press the check code feature and let the machine look for any codes coming from the transmission.