How Do You Troubleshoot a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle?


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To troubleshoot a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, check for fluid leaks in the shocks and front forks, adjust the vehicle's carburetor, check if the batteries are functional, and look for any damage in the fuel filter shell. Also, check the air pressure in the tube running between the shocks and the Schrader valve.

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The fluids in the upper part of the shocks and the front forks of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle must be completely sealed and topped off. Fluid leakage leads to poor vehicle control and causes the tires to bounce on a rough surface.

To adjust the motorcycle's carburetor, turn its screw using a wrench till the flow of the fuel for running the motor is smooth. This eliminates sputtering of the engine when starting and rough idle issues.

Have the battery tested at a vehicle supply shop. If the headlights of the two-wheeler do not light up, it indicates that the battery is unable to charge or maintain the charge. If the headlights come on, but engine does not turn over, it indicates that the battery is unable to release the charge. In each of these cases, replace the battery.

Cracks in the fuel filter shell lead to fuel pressure loss. This in turn, reduces vehicle performance and causes the motorcycle to stall frequently. Test the air pressure in the tubing for the shock and Schrader valve after letting the motorcycle rest for several hours. If pressure is low, it indicates air leakage due to kinks or cracks in the tube. To fix these problems, replace the damaged parts.

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