How Do You Troubleshoot Ford F150 Engine Problems?


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To fix a Ford F150 engine problem, first identify the exact problem; common issues include ignition coil failure, the passenger side head gasket leaking and spark plugs ejecting. The engine may also idle roughly.

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How Do You Troubleshoot Ford F150 Engine Problems?
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Ignition coil failure occurs as a result of an excessive spark plug gap, and may cause sputtering or misfiring of the engine. The spark plug gap increases as a result of erosion. To fix a failed ignition coil, replace the coil, spark plugs and coil boots. Apply dielectric grease on the plugs to keep the rubber seals from wearing out and to prevent water damage.

If there is an oil leak in the head gasket on the passenger side, the head gasket may be poorly assembled, leaving small metal chips on the head. The leaking may also be caused by erosion of the gasket coating. The best solution is replacing the head gasket.

Spark plug ejection occurs as a result of poorly designed plugs and cylinder heads. If the vehicle is under warranty, take it for cylinder replacement. If it's not under warranty, perform a thread insert repair. If the engine is idling roughly, the EGR sensor is likely faulty, causing the EGR valve to close incorrectly. To fix the issue, replace both the sensor and the valve.

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