How Do You Troubleshoot a Ford Diesel Engine?


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To troubleshoot a Ford diesel engine, you must first identify the problem. Some common problems with Ford diesel engines include failure to start, engine power loss and overheating.

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The injection pressure regulator valve may have its wiring or sensor damaged. If it is stuck or has damaged seals, the result can be an engine that fails to start. Check for loose or damaged wires, and tighten the tin nut behind the IPR sensor. During the installation of a new IPR, torque it to 35 feet per pound, and don't use sealers on the IP threads.

An injector driver module can also cause rough running, cutouts when revving or failure to start if it comes into contact with water. Fix this by finding a replacement or checking for damaged wiring or water intrusion.

A clogged fuel filter results in the injectors not getting any fuel, which causes semi-loss of power or long cranking. A new fuel filter offers a quick fix for this.

Engines overheating is typically caused by radiator-related issues such as a damaged thermostat or water pump. The easiest way to fix this is by replacing the damaged parts. Check to see if the cooling fan works. You might also need to replace the coolant.

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