How Do You Troubleshoot Faulty Brakes on a Ford Truck?


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To troubleshoot faulty brakes on a Ford truck, first identify the specific problem and symptoms associated with it. Common problems with Ford truck brakes include deep vibration, failure of the transmission shift interlock switch and ignition key failure.

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A defective brake rotor or premature wear and tear can cause vibration when braking. To rectify this and minimize wear and tear, replace the brake rotors with high quality rotors. A defective switch in the brake transmission shift interlock allows transmission shift out of the park position without first pressing the brake pedal. Inspection of the interlock system switch by Ford dealers can help to correct the problem.

A faulty ignition key can cause the anti lock brake to activate warning lights in the dashboard for no apparent reason. Consulting a mechanic for repair can help to eliminate this problem. Presence of excess water in the brake fluid after booster replacement can cause the brakes to lock up. Replacing the brake fluid after re-equipping brake boosters can solve this issue.

Fluid or vacuum leakage can cause the brake pedals to not pull down when the engine starts. To eliminate this issue, consult a mechanic to run a diagnostic test on the truck to determine the faulty component. A defective check valve or a faulty brake booster can cause failure of the vacuum when the engine accelerates. Replacing the brake booster and the check valve can help to overcome this problem.

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