How Do You Troubleshoot an EZGo Golf Cart?

To troubleshoot an E-Z-Go golf cart, check if the accelerator is sticky, and replace the solenoid, check the tire pressure and check the battery charge. Also, check the electrical connections and brake system of the cart.

A clicking sound produced when the E-Z-Go golf cart's engine is turned on indicates a sticky accelerator. This implies that the cart's solenoid sticks in the On position. In this case, have a professional mechanic replace the solenoid.

If the cart does not roll or stop as it should, or if it moves slowly or needs frequent recharging, check the tire pressure. If it is low, inflate the tires to a pressure level between 18 and 22 pounds per square inch. Additionally, check to see if the battery is charging properly. Check the water level in the battery, and if low, fill it with distilled water up to 1/4 inches beneath the fill tube.

For carts that do not stop properly, check the brake system, and note whether the pads and calipers grip as required. If the cart loses power when climbing inclines or the cables melt, tighten the loose connections and replace the damaged and old ones.

Periodically inspect the cart's lubricant lines and manual gears for wear and tear, and replace or repair when required. Clean the battery terminals to remove accumulated acids, and hose or wipe the cart's underside regularly to remove accumulated debris.