How Do You Troubleshoot a Dodge Ram Transmission?


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To troubleshoot a Dodge Ram transmission, listen for clunking or rattling noises when shifting gears to identify the need to replace transmission mounts. Also, check if the transmission hesitates during shifting or unexpectedly slips while the vehicle is in motion.

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Dodge Rams, like other large trucks, are often extensively used for towing and hauling, which can put stress on the vehicle's transmission. While Dodge trucks tend to be reliable, they often suffer from transmission problems related to the frequency and distance of heavy hauling. Additionally, very large and heavy loads can lead to transmission damage that requires the service of a transmission specialist. For example, when the vehicle's transmission mounts fail due to excessive heavy load hauling, a professional mechanic must install new mounts inside the transmission.

A transmission that hesitates when shifting commonly suffers from a faulty pressure switch assembly and solenoid, especially if the hesitation happens after hauling heavy loads for many miles. A professional transmission mechanic can replace faulty solenoids and pressure switch assemblies.

A lack of transmission fluid can lead to chronic transmission slippage. Insufficient fluid causes the vehicle's transmission bands to wear down, requiring replacement by a professional transmission mechanic or an authorized Dodge repair shop.

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