How Do You Troubleshoot a Club Car Golf Cart?

To troubleshoot a Club Car golf cart, make sure the gear selector is in the proper position before starting, inspect the battery for a secure connection, and clean all corrosion from the battery terminals. The specific steps to troubleshooting a Club Car depend on the particular model.

The gear selector and the key should be in the correct position before starting the golf cart. Make sure the key is in the On position and the gear selector in the Center or Neutral position. Depending on the cart model, ensure that the parking brake is set before starting the golf cart.

Next, check that the battery connection is secure. Begin by lifting the seat to gain access to the battery. It is advisable to wear safety glasses and heavy-duty gloves to avoid getting into contact with the battery acid. Use an adjustable wrench to tighten any loose battery cables.

Lastly, check the battery terminals for any corrosion or debris. Loosen the bolt to remove the cable. Use a stiff brush to thoroughly brush off corrosion and debris before returning the cable to its original position. Ensure that the bolt is tightened and the connection is secure before attempting to start the golf cart.