How Do You Troubleshoot a Carburetor in a Honda Motorcycle?


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Three of the most common Honda motorcycle carburetor problems are sputtering, no power and fuel leaking from the bowl lip. A sputtering or misfiring engine can mean too much fuel is entering the engine because the float valve is set too high. No power means not enough fuel is getting to the engine which indicates an obstruction in the fuel system. A fuel leak in the bowl lip means the bowl gasket is worn and should be replaced.

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Poor running problems can mean the fuel petcock is obstructed or there is a problem in the connection between the carburetor and the rubber sleeve on the engine. Clear the petcock of any blockages and tighten the carburetor and rubber sleeve connection.

A motorcycle that does not idle is symptom of a dirty pilot jet. Clean the pilot jet as necessary. If the pilot jet keeps clogging regularly, install an in-line fuel filter. Also inspect the looseness of the air screw. Usually, one turn of the screw is enough. Tighten the screw if it's too loose.

If the engine throttle is too high and will not idle down, the throttle slide may have been put in improperly. Replace the throttle slide in the correct position. This applies only to slide-type carburetors.

Honda motorcycles used two types of carburetors, the slide-type and the Constant Velocity or CV type. Both were made by the Keihin Company.

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