What Is a Trolling Motor Switch?


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Trolling motor switches are switches used to control the operation of outboard trolling motors on fishing boats and are often designed as foot pedals to allow the fisherman to hold a fishing rod while operating the motor. Most trolling motor switches only control activation and speed of the motor, but some switches associated with complex motors also control the deployment and depth of the motor's propeller and may allow fishermen to steer their boat as well.

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Trolling motors are most commonly electric motors due to the quiet operation of an electric motor as compared to a gasoline engine. Running a gasoline engine is likely to disturb nearby fish while trolling, but a quieter electric motor is less likely to frighten away fish. It is much easier to install a remote control switch for an electric motor than for a gasoline motor, making the use of a trolling motor switch possible.

While some electric trolling motors do use traditional hand controls similar to those used on gasoline outboard motors, the use of a control switch located in a foot pedal is considered superior since it is possible to fish and control the motor simultaneously. Some trolling motors may also use wireless remote control switches that may be located in foot pedals or in key fobs.

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