What Are Some Travel Trailer Accessories?


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The refrigerator is one of the accessories travel trailer owners use for safe food storage. While it looks like a smaller version of the refrigerator in the home, it works using a different type of cooling cycle. Understanding this cycle is essential to proper cooling and operation. The air conditioning is another essential accessory for many recreational vehicle owners.

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Sometimes a travel trailer owner parks his unit in a campground with full hookups and has access to normal electric power for operating the refrigerator. When power is not available, the refrigerator depends on a propane flame to power the cooling cycle. In generator-equipped trailers, a three-way refrigerator also has the option of operating on 12-volt direct current.

The RV air conditioner installs on the roof and is a smaller version of the home unit. Like all air conditioners, its function is the removal of heat from the enclosed space. For the most-effective cooling, travel trailer owners should turn on the air conditioning early in the day before temperatures get hot inside the unit. This allows the cooling system to cycle, removing heat gradually as it builds up inside the trailer. Owners who wait until later in the day often find the system is unable to meet the demands once the trailer and all its contents are hot.

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