What Are Transfer Case Diagrams?


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A transfer case diagram is a detailed drawing or outline that depicts the parts and assembly of a transfer case and serves as a guide for repairing a damaged piece and rebuilding the entire case. It provides details needed to identify each piece and its location in the overall assembly.

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A transfer case is a part of a four-wheel drive vehicle’s transmission that delivers the power generated by the engine to the front, rear or both axles. It responds to cues from the engine and the driver and uses an intricate and precisely assembled system of gears and chains to interpret the vehicle's speed and adjust the gear ratio to direct the right amount of power to the proper axle. This assembly must remain perfectly aligned with other parts of the system to function properly.

Vehicles that automatically switch between two- and four-wheel drive require transfer cases that are more complex and can contain hundreds of pieces. Repairing or replacing a damaged piece requires taking apart and reassembling a portion of the system or rebuilding the entire case, depending on the location of the damaged piece, the number of pieces affected and the work involved. The transfer case diagram serves as a blueprint that helps identify the piece and indicates how to retrieve it and reassemble the system so all pieces remain properly aligned.

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