What Training Is Required for Pilot Truck Drivers?


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In states with certification requirements, aspiring pilot car drivers should complete a training course that teaches them about specific laws in places where they drive, states the Houston Chronicle. They should also pass a certification exam and obtain proper safety equipment. They should study the situations that call for their services and learn when to ask for additional help. They must also take a defensive driving course recognized by the National Safety Council or obtain a commercial driver's license.

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Many states do not require certification but still require pilot car drivers to get permits, notes the Houston Chronicle. These states require pilot car drivers to possess and learn how to use particular equipment, such as safety cones, measuring rods, reflective warning triangles, flares and flagging paddles. Those who travel to different states should find out the respective requirements in each state, as they may have to pay fines if caught with inadequate equipment.

The minimum age for pilot car drivers is 18 years old, and a valid driver's license is necessary, according to the Houston Chronicle. In addition to completing a defensive driving course, pilot car drivers should learn how to manage traffic, work as flaggers, buy sufficient liability insurance and achieve a strong grasp of the English language. Their main responsibility involves driving ahead of a large truck to inform others about the incoming large vehicle.

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