How Do You Trade in an RV in Arizona?

RV owners in Arizona can trade in their vehicles through a variety of local state dealerships, such as the Arizona RV Supercenter, La Mesa RV and Freedom RV. Alternatively, Arizona RV owners can also list their vehicles on an online RV marketplace, such as, and set the listing locality to Arizona. Some RV dealerships in Arizona also provide a consign sale service for customers looking not to sell directly to a dealer.

Arizona RV Supercenter provides a consignment program that sells a wide variety of recreational vehicles, including toy haulers, fifth wheels and Class A Motorhomes. This program can also finance or guarantee RVs sold through this program, using an extended warranty. Alternatively, RV owners can sell directly to Arizona RV Supercenter for an on-the-spot cash value payment.

Both La Mesa RV and Freedom RV offer a traditional trade-in program for Arizona RV owners. Each company's website provides a form that the RV owner can fill in with his personal and vehicle details. Once an owner makes a submission, the company proceeds to evaluate the vehicle and make an offer to the current owner.

Arizona RV owners looking to sell or trade their vehicles directly can list them on Listings on this website include detailed information, such as the vehicle's type, year of manufacture and a quoted sale price.