What Makes of Tractors Are Available With Heated and Air Conditioned Cabs?


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Manufacturers that make tractors with heated and air-conditioned cabs include John Deere, Fendt and Versatile. Many heated and cooled tractor cabs use multiple vents to increase driver comfort.

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John Deere includes heating and air conditioning as standard features on all cab tractors, including the 5100E utility tractor and the 5055E utility tractor. Each tractor has a sealed cab, so the driver can adjust the climate control to a specific setting without air leaks. Most John Deere tractors feature a vent system that sits above the driver's head for full visibility.

The Fendt 200 Vario tractor uses an integrated heating and cooling system designed for efficiency. The cab is insulated to prevent heat loss. The Fendt heating system uses hot water from the water cooler to warm up the cab during cooler months. Many Fendt tractors also feature windows that open for extra ventilation.

The Versatile 4WD tractor series features an advanced heating and cooling system. Instead of a single vent, the 4WD series uses 11 smaller vents placed around the tractor's forward headliner. Each vent adjusts manually to control the air direction. A vent on the floor keeps the driver's feet warm or cool. The 4WD tractors feature sealed and insulated cabs for efficient climate control.

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