What Is the Toyota Vitz?


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The Toyota Vitz is a model of Japanese compact car manufactured since 1998. It features three or five doors depending on the length of the vehicle. It is known as the Toyota Yaris in the United States.

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The Toyota Yaris is a compact car known for its small size, affordability and fuel efficiency. The model is on its third generation, meaning its look and feel is reshaped every few years.

Despite these regular changes, the Vitz or Yaris is largely the same visually as when it first rolled out onto the market. The majority of alterations executed on the vehicle pertain to engine size and fuel usage, helping establish the Yaris as an electric vehicle. It is now a hybrid model as well that protects the environment and is still easy on the pocketbook.

The Vitz is available in a two-door configuration with a hatchback or a four-door style with a similar rear door. The number of side doors varies depending on whether there is a back bench seat present. The four-door version features back seats that fold down for more storage room in the hatch area. The two-door model is much easier on gas and is far less expensive to purchase and maintain.

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