What Is Toyota's Mission Statement?

As of 2014, Toyota's mission statement relates that it seeks to be a mobility leader of the future by focusing on a commitment to quality and innovation. The goal of Toyota also includes enriching the lives of its customers, having a healthy respect for the environment and exceeding expectations as it tackles challenges.

The Toyota Company mission statement ties in nicely with the five guiding business principles of company founder, Sakichi Toyoda. The first principle is to remain faithful to one's duties and contribute to the good of the company. The second principle is to strive to stay ahead of current times while being studious and creative. The third principle cautions workers to avoid frivolity, but practicality is to be embraced. The fourth principle is about creating a friendly and warm work environment. The fifth principle reminds employees to be grateful, and show respect in spiritual matters.

Another principle Toyota follows is to respect the cultures and customs of countries where it does business. The company has a policy of contributing to the economic and social development of communities through corporate activities. The company also is invested in creating advanced technologies for its products. Toyota values both creative individuality and teamwork among workers.