What Are the Toyota Dashboard Warning Lights?

The Toyota dashboard warning lights alert drivers of a system or safety issue with the vehicle. Some lights are more serious than others.

The ABS warning light on a Toyota dashboard indicates a problem with the braking system. One common reason for this light coming on is low brake fluid levels.

A light that has the word "Brake" in red indicates a problem with the hydraulic brake system, the most common being a change in pressure. This can also indicate a low fluid level.

If a battery shape becomes lit up on the dashboard, it indicates an issue with the battery or electrical system. A light with an exclamation mark indicates the tire pressure is low. The owner should check the pressure before driving.

If the check engine light comes on, it can indicate several different issues, including a loose gas cap. It can also mean that there is a problem with the engine or transmission control system.

If a light comes on that shows a person and an airbag, this is the SRS light. This light can indicate a failure in the airbag or seat belt systems and the vehicle should be checked by a certified mechanic as soon as possible for safety reasons.