How Do You Find Tow Trucks for Sale in California?


Find tow trucks for sale in California by using the location filtering tools on trucking classifieds sites, such as and, or other sale sites, such as and Buyers can also visit the California Tow Truck Association's website to find member businesses that sell tow trucks.

To access the location filtering tools on, a user needs to conduct some form of search on the site, as of April 2015. Users have the choice to conduct a quick search from the main page, which only allows the user to enter a ZIP Code and search radius, or a detailed search, which features an option to limit the search to a specific state. Once the user conducts her search, she can further filter results by price range, manufacturer, mileage and tow features, such as drive train or fuel type. All listings on the site contain pictures of the truck along with a description of its features and condition.

Locating listings for tow trucks for sale in California through Craigslist involves choosing a specific city within the state first. After choosing a city, users have the option to further limit results based on neighborhoods or make and model of the tow truck.