How Do You Tow a Motor Home?


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Tow a motor home by attaching the vehicle to a truck using a tow bar and several tow cables. Ensure that other drivers can see your turning and braking signals by attaching the truck's electrical system to the motor home's. After attaching all the necessary components, tow the motor home at a low speed, and avoid any unnecessarily sharp turns.

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Before connecting the truck to the motor home, make sure the truck has a heavy duty tow hitch and a towing capacity capable of towing the motor home's full weight. The motor home cannot be towed directly; it requires a tow bar for safety. Attach the tow bar to the motor home by bolting it to the motor home's frame. Most tow bars feature a durable steel plate that accommodates many different motor home types and sizes. Even with the tow bar, towing a motor home is dangerous and requires using steel tow cables or chains to minimize instability.

When actually towing the vehicle, give yourself three to four times as much room to decelerate and brake as you normally require when not towing anything. Regardless of the actual size of the motor home, treat the truck as though it is 100 feet longer when maneuvering. Try to make only left turns if possible, as most right turns are too sharp for such a cumbersome towing setup. Only tow the motor home to the nearest dealership or service station, as extended towing with a truck can cause extensive damage to the motor home's chassis.

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