How Does a Tow Dolly Work?


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A vehicle is strapped to the sturdy frame of a tow dolly for easy transport. The front wheels of the towed vehicle are mounted, and the rear wheels of the towed vehicle remain on the ground. A tow dolly evenly distributes the towed vehicle's weight to help ensure secure transport during towing. The tow dolly must be securely attached to the towing vehicle before loading the vehicle to be towed.

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Using a tow dolly properly requires following detailed instructions and taking safety precautions. When using a tow dolly, the towed vehicle is driven up the ramps of the dolly, and the front wheels are tightly strapped or chained to the tow dolly. A vehicle should not be towed backwards, and passengers or cargo should not be transported in the towed vehicle or on the tow dolly.

Driving while towing a vehicle requires extra time to accelerate and more time to stop. The tires of the tow dolly and the towed vehicle need to be inflated to the proper tire pressure before towing. Backing up is not recommended while using a tow dolly. The tow dolly should not be unhooked from the towing vehicle until the towed vehicle is completely unloaded.

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