How Does a Tow Dolly for Vehicles Work?


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A tow dolly for vehicles works by attaching to front end of a vehicle and elevating its tires off the ground, allowing it to be pulled along by another vehicle. Tow dollies can work with a variety of vehicle types, though each dolly comes with specific weight and torque guidelines.

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To configure a tow dolly, begin by attaching the tow dolly coupler to the meal ball on the rear bumper of the vehicle that will be doing the towing. Most trucks, RVs and motor homes are designed to allow for this type of towing configuration and feature both the structural integrity to tow large amounts of weight as well as an engine powerful enough to handle the additional load. Once the coupler is secured, it is important to make sure that the dolly is leveled. Any degree of tilt to either side can result in damage of the vehicle being towed or to the possibility of the entire dolly detaching during transit.

After the dolly is in place, drive the vehicle to be towed up the ramps, so the wheels are fully in place without going over. Use the accompanying chains or straps to lock the wheels. Finally, place the ramps on the front of the car tow dolly, strapping them down.

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