How Do You Tow a Car?


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In order to tow a car, the car needs to be loaded onto the trailer before the trailer is attached to the towing hitch. Vehicles can be towed using a trailer that lifts the car completely off the road or with a tow dolly. A tow dolly keeps the front wheels off the ground while allowing the back ones to roll.

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Following a few steps makes towing a car a simple process.

  1. Choose your towing equipment
  2. A trailer is best for all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicles. It adds a great deal of weight to the towing load and may be too heavy for smaller automobiles. By keeping the wheels off the ground, it minimizes mechanical wear. A towing dolly is lightweight, but puts more wear on the vehicle. It is suitable for front-wheel drive cars.
  3. Load the car
  4. When using a trailer, the vehicle needs to be centered to evenly distribute the weight. With a dolly, the vehicle is driven up on the ramp.
  5. Connect the trailer
  6. The trailer is connected to the hitch and lined up with the towing vehicle's tires. Lights may require a wiring kit for proper connection
  7. Prepare the car for towing
  8. A car on a trailer or a dolly needs to be secured using tie downs. The emergency brake should be set for vehicles on a trailer, while a car on a dolly should be put into gear.
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