How Do You Touch up the Paint on Your Car?

To touch up the paint on your car, wash the vehicle, sand the blemished areas, apply a layer of clear coat, and apply the paint following the manufacturer's instructions. Then wax and buff the painted spots

Begin touching up the paint on your car by noting how many areas need a touch-up job and buying the paint quantity needed. Choose the correct paint shade using the shade chart of the car manufacturer. Normally, touch-up car paints are available in pint or quart-size aerosol cans. They are also available in bottles and as applicators to which a brush is attached.

After washing the car with clean water, allow it to air dry completely. Use a car paint sandpaper to sand the blemished areas.

Apply a clear coat to the blemishes, particularly those that are large in size, to act as a base for the paint. When using the touch-up paint, first test it on an inconspicuous spot on the car. Apply the clear coat on the test spot before applying the paint. Judge how glossy the paint is, and use the paint accordingly.

Follow the instructions given with the car paint since the method of the touch-up job varies between paint brands. When painting, move the hand back and forth to apply the paint evenly in straight lines. Overlap the bands of paint by one-half of each band width.

Wax the spots soon after painting, and buff to give the area a shine. If required, use a hair dryer over the painted spots to give them a glossy look. Avoid painting the car on a humid day.