What Are the Torque Specifications for an Axle Nut?


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The torque specifications for an axle nut depends on the application of the axle nut and can vary slightly from company to company. The factory manual for the vehicle likely mentions the axle nut specification.

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Considering General motors, the torque specification for an axle shaft flange bolt for a truck is 60 feet-pounds, and that for an S-body car is 27 feet-pounds. The torque specification for an axle spindle nut for an A body is 192 feet-pounds, C, E, H and K-body is 180 feet-pounds, for J and L-body is 191 feet-pounds, P-body is 200 feet-pounds, S-body car is 137 feet-pounds, T-series trucks is 180 feet-pounds, V-body is 183 feet-pounds and for all other bodies it is 185 feet-pounds. The manual also specifies the values in Newton-metres.

Considering the Kawasaki model, the torque specification for the rear axle nut is 69 feet-pounds or 93 Newton-meters. For the Bentley, the torque specification of the front axle nut to the wheel hub is 159 feet-pounds or 216 Newton-metres.

For the TLS, the torque specification of the front axle of the chassis is 72.5 feet-pounds, and the specification of the front axle pinch bolt of the chassis is 16.5 feet-pounds. The torque specification of the rear axle is 72.5 feet-pounds.

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