What Toppers Are Available for Ford Ranger Trucks?


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A wide variety of tonneau covers, caps and camper shells are available for Ford Ranger compact pickup trucks from several manufacturers, including Snugtop, Leer and ARE. Most tops designed for specific generations of the Ranger are likely to fit most trucks of that generation with the correct bed size, though differences in cab style and model year may make some tops incompatible with specific trucks.

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What Toppers Are Available for Ford Ranger Trucks?
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The Ford Ranger was produced in three major generations since its debut in 1983, with the second generation produced from 1994 until 2001 and the third-generation Ranger produced from 2001 until the model was discontinued in 2012. Toppers for the second and third generations of Rangers are generally more available on the market as of 2015 due to the length of time since first-generation models were produced. The second generation also underwent a model refresh in 1998 that may affect compatibility of post-refresh models with some toppers intended for pre-refresh vehicles or vice versa. Third-generation models with larger SuperCabs may also be incompatible with certain toppers.

Though the compact version of the Ranger debuted in 1983, Ford did offer a Ranger pickup truck in earlier model years. However, this Ranger was a trim level of the F-Series pickup rather than a distinct model. Shoppers interested in a topper for a pre-1983 Ranger should look for toppers compatible with the F-Series rather than the Ranger produced in later years.

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