What Are Some Top-Rated Driver's Training Schools?

Some of the top driver's training school include iDriveSafely Teen Driver Course, Improv Traffic School Driver's Ed Program and Driver Ed To Go Driving Course. All of these courses offer online driver's education training and rank highly with the Better Business Bureau.

iDriveSafely Teen Driver Course has taught students to drive for more than 10 years and has graduated more than 5 million drivers. The course provides resources for both students and parents and offers a money-back guarantee. Students can take advantage of iDriveSafely's customer support, forums and interactive games to get the most from the driver's courses.

The Improv Traffic School Driver's Ed Program is unlike regular forms of traffic school in that it is run by stand-up comedians. Teaching students to drive in a way that makes them laugh makes students far more likely to stick with the class and retain the information they have learned. Although not yet available in all states, the Improv Traffic School Driver's Ed Program is expanding its programs.

In business for more than a decade, the Driver Ed To Go Teen Driving Course has graduated hundreds of thousands of students and remains a viable option for parents and students looking for a lower-cost driver's education course.