What Are the Top Rated Brands of 4x4 Four-Wheelers?

According to AxleGeeks' Smart Rating system, top rated brands of 4x4 four-wheelers include Arctic Cat, Polaris, Can-Am, Kawasaki and Honda, as of 2015. All the major four-wheeler manufacturers are known for building reliable machines that perform well.

Arctic Cat has the most four-wheelers in the top 30 of AxleGeeks' ratings, with different model four wheelers from 2014 and 2015. Its highest-rated four wheeler, the 2015 Wildcat 4X Limited EPS, has a 100 smart rating, the highest possible rating.

Polaris also has multiple models and years of its four-wheelers in the top 30. Its highest-rated four wheeler, the Sportsman 850SP, has a 97 smart rating.

Several variations of Can-Am's 2014 Maverick model and Kawasaki's 2015 MULE PRO-FXT are in the top 30, all with a 96 smart rating. Honda's lone model in the top 30 is its 2013 Big Red, also with a 96 smart rating.

AxleGeeks' Smart Rating system uses five categories, the engine, year, utility, brakes and weight, to determine each four wheeler's rating. The engine category contributes 35.2 percent to the rating, and is based on the engine's power and efficiency. The year contributes 27.8 percent, as newer models typically improve on the feature of the past year.

Utility contributes 20.4 percent and is based onholding and towing ability. Brakes contribute 11.1 percent and is based on the stopping power for the front and rear brake. Weight contributes 5.6 percent and is based on dry weight. AxleGeeks rate lower weights higher, as it improves handling and ride-ability.