What Are the Top Customer Complaints About the FW1 Cleaning Wax?


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Customers who have rated the FW1 cleaning wax as one star on Amazon.com state that the wax chips and scratches paint and leaves streaks on windshields. One reviewer states that the product causes damage because it comes in the form of an aerosol can and acts as a leave-on product.

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A reviewer on Amazon.com claims the wax is marketed in an aerosol can that's meant to be sprayed on dirty vehicles and left alone as it gradually waxes the surface, whereas wax typically comes in a spray bottle and is applied by hand or machine. The same reviewer recommends only applying the FW1 wax when the exterior of the vehicle has no more than a light coat of dust.

Most reviews of the FW1 cleaning wax solutions are positive, and the waterless version has more positive reviews than other variations of the wax. One Amazon reviewer suggests spraying the waterless version in a dirty area that's no larger than 2 square feet. The reviewer suggests that individuals wipe down the area with a microfiber cloth before buffing it with a separate microfiber cloth. Many reviewers state that they were approached and encouraged to use this product at a gas station.

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